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Exciting and Affordable Nebraska Mule Deer Hunts

At Countree Outfitters we are proud to offer our guests exciting and affordable Nebraska Mule Deer hunts. Our trophy mule deer hunts are sure to not only be an amazing experience but with quality hunts becoming harder and harder to find we are happy to offer our guests Nebraska mule deer hunts with high success rates.

Mule deer are distinct from other deer by their ears which are extremely similar to that of a mule and often reach lengths of 10 inches. Mule deer are generally larger and stockier than whitetail deer with coat coloring ranging from dark gray in the winter to a dark reddish brown in the summertime. Mule deer antlers are beautifully formed and shed around January.
  • Spot and stalk hunting techniques are used for our mule deer hunts.
Mule Deer HuntAlthough mule deer hunting with Countree Outfitters generally deals with the larger variety of mule deer that inhabits the western and mid-western United States there are various sub-species and regional variations of mule deer. These include the desert mule deer, the black-tailed deer, and the Columbia black tailed deer. The desert mule deer is often found in the south western regions of the United States and in northern Mexico and is smaller than mule deer found in and around the Rocky Mountains. The black tailed deer and Columbia black-tailed deer are similar in size and inhabit coastal forest areas in Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, and Northern California.

The range of mule deer stretches from western Canada and into western North America as south as northern Mexico and as east as Wisconsin. They live in a variety of habitats ranging from forest edges to mountains and hills and feed on aspen, willow, acorns, dogwood, grapes, mushrooms, Douglas-fir, apples, and berries.

Nebraska Trophy Mule Deer Hunting Trip

Countree outfitter's Nebraska trophy mule deer hunting trips are fully guided and include food and lodging. We will make every effort to offer our guests an experience that they will remember as well as a trophy mule deer that they will be proud of. Just like our whitetail deer hunts, we never over hunt our land and pay close attention to the population of mule deer on our leases. We want our guests to have the best possible chance of harvesting a trophy buck. Our Nebraska mule hunting trips are limited—so book your 4 day rifle hunt, 5 day bow hunt, or 5 day black powder hunt as soon as possible. We look forward to hunting with you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on fantastic Nebraska mule deer hunting.

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Nebraska Mule Deer Hunting
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