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Nebraska Guided Hunts
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A Hunting Experience Worth Remembering

With Countree Outfitters, Nebraska guided hunts offer you an opportunity you aren't likely to find anywhere else. It's important to remember that we are not simply offering you a service. We offer you a service that we are passionate about, enough to the point that we have made it our life. We care about hunting in Nebraska, and through our passion for Nebraska hunting we hope to offer our guests a guided hunting experience like no other.

On the very basic level, Nebraska guided hunts with Countree Outfitters are bound to be a good experience simply based on the fact that you will be offered the best service and guided hunts available. Adding to the experience created by the knowledge of our guides is the amazing experience that our location offers. Located in the heart of American plains history and surrounded by a diverse environment with robust wildlife populations, expert service combines with nature to offer a Nebraska Guided Hunting experience like no other.

Nebraska Guided Hunts and Guided HuntingOur Local guides are everything a guided hunt needs to be a success. Not only are they knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, but they make our Nebraska guided hunts a success by knowing the best way to find the game that our guests are looking for. Our expert guides make Nebraska whitetail deer hunting, Nebraska mule deer hunting, turkey hunting, pheasant hunting, and more an experience worth remembering. To ensure the satisfaction of our clients, we will not over hunt any of our 30,000 acres. We hope to establish a long term relationship with all of our clients.

Our expert guides make hunting the fun and exhilarating experience that we have fallen in love with and hope to offer to our guests. Our Nebraska guided hunting trips eliminate the stress of hunting in an unfamiliar area, enabling you to enjoy hunting for what it is without distraction. Our Nebraska guided hunts offer you superior:

  • Guided Nebraska mule deer hunting
  • Guided Nebraska pheasant hunting
  • Guided Nebraska turkey hunting
  • Guided Nebraska upland pheasant hunting
  • Guided Nebraska whitetail deer hunting
  • Guided predator hunting
  • Nebraska trophy whitetail deer hunting
Nebraska Guided Hunting
Nebraska Hunting Trip
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